Thursday, February 20, 2014

So, did you hear the latest Fantastic Four casting news today?

Fox cast Jamie Bell, the actor who became famous after appearing in Billy Elliot many years ago, as former military pilot Benjamin Grimm, better known as The Thing. Not only is he really blue-eyed (it’s more of a gray tinge) nor really built like a soldier (he really needs to work out a bit to get fit), but Bell’s not even Jewish like Petunia’s ever-lovin’, cigar-chomping, bad-guy clobbering nephew.

Oh, there is so much outrage about Bell’s casting in the Fantastic Four reboot. 

I’m just kidding, nobody gives a toss about that casting.

Folks are more upset about the casting of Michael B. Jordan as the team’s young hotheaded flame-throwing heartthrob Johnny Storm, better known to most of us as The Human Torch. 

It’s the typical responses we get when someone of color gets cast as someone traditionally White like Heimdall, Nick Fury, and The Kingpin

Need I remind you this RARELY HAPPENS. Most often, it’s minority characters that tend to be whitewashed in mass media. There are plenty of examples I could list, but neither I nor you have time for that. Fortunately, there’s a great site that does go into it in great detail.  

It’s like those folks complaining that film for ruining the relationship between Sue and Johnny Storm, proclaiming, proudly, that there’s no way they could be brother and sister because the actress, Kate Mara, is White while Jordan is Black. Apparently science and logic is lost on these idiots (I honestly tried to sugarcoat it, but why bother?). 

Consider this scenario:

The Storms, Franklin and Mary, are a White couple. They get into a car accident. Mary, who is critically injured, gives birth to Susan and tragically dies on the operating table. Franklin is devastated and finds solace and friendship in one of Mary’s close friends, a Black woman who was previously chosen to be Susan’s godmother. They console each other, and eventually this becomes love, and from that love comes Sue’s half-brother, Jonathan.   

That’s just ONE scenario that could explain the parentage of the Storm siblings, but ignorant people just feel that they’re just fighting against tradition instead of showing a realistic 21st century nuclear family. Scenarios like that actually happen in the real world.

Nobody cried about the Mexican-American woman who played Sue Storm in the previous two films. 

Also on the cusp of the announcement, a lot of these bigots (again, let’s not sugarcoat what these folks are) suggested that since The Human Torch is going to be cast as a Black person, then a White person should be cast as a Black character like Luke Cage, Misty Knight, or even Blade. 

First of all, what purpose would that serve, honestly? In a universe that has very few minority characters in lead roles, making them shrink behind the scenes. They just want minorities in leading roles to be White. 

And again, this is nothing new. I’m still afraid if they ever decide to make a Black Panther film it’ll probably mostly be set outside of Africa far, far away from Wakanda.

I have no doubts about Mr. Jordan’s performance as the Human Torch. He already proved his superheroic chops in Chronicle and has been an award-winning actor in the critically-acclaimed Fruitvale Station  and will continue to be a star on the rise in Hollywood beyond the myopic folks who tend to say “well, they cast the best actor for the role” when a White person is cast as a character who actually is a person-of-color, but not in this occasion.

Their loss.  


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