Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hot Links: A Pair of Dueling Lists of Indie Black Comics To Check Out in 2013

Back in January, World of Black Heroes published a list of Black comics to check out in the new year. The year’s nearly half over, and this original list had garnered a bit of controversy mostly because it mostly covered mainstream titles, most of which had Blacks in minor roles.

Chace Thibodeaux was one of those who had issues with that and decided to compose his own list of 13 titles you should check out. 

Shortly after Mr. Tibodeaux’s list came out, World of Black Heroes created another list comprised mostly of indie books.  Now, whether this was created in response to the Chacebook list or if WoBH was planning this for a while, the timing is interesting. 

Kind of like another “Rhapsody Rabbit”/”The Cat Concerto” situation*.

Here’s the Chacebook list:

Here’s the World of Black Heroes list:

*I’m … I’m a bit of an animation nerd too. 


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