Friday, February 1, 2013

George Herriman (1880 – 1944) 

Creator of Krazy Kat and a host of other comic strips (we created over 20 titles and filled in two preexisting strips) in his lifetime. One of the most influential comic artists in the history of the medium (seriously, look at some of these Sunday strips and realize people rarely did what Herriman did in comics) and one of the few cartoonists to have his strip retired after his death. Krazy Kat, a chaotic love story about an androgynous cat, a brickbat-throwing mouse, and a bulldog cop (yes, it’s weird, but awesomely weird),was one of 30 strips honored with a postage stamp in 1995 by the US Postal Service and cited as one of the greatest comic strips of the 20th century.


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