Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Icon and Rocket’s On Young Justice (But We Want More Milestone!)

I do find it rather awesome that it took an animated series to bring Icon and Rocket greater fame and a greater fanbase than the comics that they were stars in.

Same goes to Static.

And Dwayne McDuffie himself.

All bigger in animation than in comics.

Kind of makes you wonder though …how come Warner Bros. haven’t done anything with the Milestone characters in solo projects beyond Static Shock?

Are they afraid there’s no audience? Probably, though they’ll be quick to point out that kids won’t watch. That argument doesn’t have much water because in the four seasons it was on, Static Shock was one of the highest-rated shows on Saturday mornings, and was the number two show on the Kids’ WB block behind Pokemon. This was when Pokemon was crazy huge in the US rather than now when it’s kind of big but not massively huge.

Imagine that. A crazy huge Saturday morning cartoon with ZERO merchandise. No toy line. No t-shirts. Not even a tie-in kid-friendly comic adaptation series.

Are they apprehensive about creating something based on properties they don’t outright own? Apparently using Icon, Rocket, and Static in animation and comics is no problem, so I doubt it’d be a problem in other venues.

There’s a lot of opportunities and venues just ready to see the Milestone characters. It’s up to Warner Bros. to decide when and if we’ll ever see them in major productions. Of course, they tend to only see Batman more and more, but I digress.

Still, what do I have to do to get a Hardware animated film made, do it myself?

Because I would if need be.


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